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I have shoulder pain; do I have Shoulder Osteoarthritis?

What is shoulder osteoarthritis? Shoulder osteoarthritis (OA) refers to the loss of joint cartilage that is normally found over the shoulder joint surfaces. The shoulder joint is a joint formed between the humerus head (arm bone) and the glenoid (part of the shoulder blade). This is a very flexible joint with a wide range of

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What is a Clavicle Fracture? Is it serious?

What is a clavicle fracture? It is a fracture at the collarbone, which is connected to the breastbone (sternum) and the shoulder blade (scapula). The fracture can occur at different areas of the collarbone: In the middle of the collarbone (most common) Near the area where the collarbone connects to the shoulder blade (AC joint)

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Is my shoulder pain caused by an Acromio-clavicular dislocation?

How does an Acromio-clavicular dislocation occur? The Acromio-clavicular (AC) joint is the joint formed between the end of the collar bone (clavicle) and the shoulder blade (scapula). It facilitates rotational and gliding motions and allows for shoulder movement. Acromio-clavicular dislocation is common among athletes and occurs predominantly among males. An acromio-clavicular dislocation is more common

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