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The Orthopaedic and Pain Practice has clinics at Gleneagles Medical Centre, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Farrer Park Hospital and at Novena Specialist Centre. At our Centre, patients can consult our Specialist, undergo diagnostic tests and if needed, they can undergo operations without the need for hospital admission for a smooth experience at one location. Patients will also receive highly personalised and professional care for speedy post-operative recovery if necessary.

Our one-stop Centre sits on 4000 square feet and houses a hybrid operating theatre, a recovery suite, a treatment room and consultation rooms. Our hybrid operating theatre is fitted with the latest Philips Azurion Clarity Flexarm C20 Advanced Fluoroscopy System which is the first of its kind to be installed in Asia and Singapore. With its installation, our procedures are more safe and efficient. Our facility also houses X-ray and ultrasound machines that aid in diagnosis. Thus, there will be faster treatments as there is no need to go to another location for radiology.

As patient recovery and safety remains one of the key focuses of our Centre, we have installed a Hepa-air filtration system in our hybrid operating theatre to ensure excellent air quality during procedures to ensure minimal risk of infection. Stringent tests for bacterial count, particle count and air exchange rates also ensure a safe environment for our patients. Our centre has an integrated wound care team with expertise to aid in post-operation recovery. Our Centre which is fully accredited and licensed by the Ministry of Health Singapore is also a Medisave accredited facility for patients who wish to utilise their Medisave funds for procedures done at our Centre.