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I Have a Broken Bone, What Should I Do?

Broken bones are known as fractures, which are serious injuries that can have wide ranging effects. Let us help you recover. Broken bones are common injuries. A broken bone is known as a fracture. Fractures usually occur as a result of injury. Commonly, injuries can be considered either high energy, such as in the case

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Here’s Why you Shouldn’t Wait to see a Doctor for your Pain

Are you experiencing any pain or any other related symptoms? In this article, here’s why you should not wait to seek treatment for your pain, and head down to a pain management doctor in Singapore, Dr. Yong Ren, to get your pain treated! Very often, when you are in pain, do you ever tell yourself,

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What are Patella Fractures?

The patella, also known as the kneecap bone, is a flat and rounded triangular bone which connects the thigh bone and shin bone. Injuries to the knee can sometimes lead to the patella breaking. How does the Patella Fracture? Patella Fractures usually occur from direct impact onto the patella. An example of this is a

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