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Are you experiencing any pain or any other related symptoms? In this article, here’s why you should not wait to seek treatment for your pain, and head down to a pain management doctor in Singapore, Dr. Yong Ren, to get your pain treated!

Very often, when you are in pain, do you ever tell yourself, “It’s not that bad” or “It’ll go away after a while”? Commonly, people refuse to seek treatment due to their preconception of treatment options being highly costly and unaffordable, they deem it unnecessary or are just unaware that there are many treatment options out there that may not require surgery. However, there are many reasons why we need to seek immediate treatment for unusual pain, for example, it could be due to an underlying health problem, or simply because you could have torn a tendon in your shoulder. It is very important to seek treatment to ensure a successful recovery, so head down to a pain management doctor in Singapore today! Below is a list of reasons why we should seek medical attention when we experience pain:

  1. Waiting before seeking professional medical attention can worsen your condition. For example, if you are experiencing joint pain, it could be a case of arthritis. Leaving arthritis untreated can result in joint deformity and can cause permanent damage to the knee. In addition, if you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis that you are unaware of, leaving it untreated can lead to multiple cardiovascular and/or lung diseases. In addition, seeking treatment for your condition at an early stage can also increase the chances of a successful recovery.

  1. Seeking early medical intervention for your condition increases the chances of a successful recovery. This is because consulting your doctor while your condition is in an early stage may reduce the chances of your condition worsening, and as such, the treatment offered to you would be much simpler. Not only will treatment be less invasive, but the recovery would also be faster. For example, if you had the choice between receiving an autologous protein solution (APS) injection as compared to receiving a knee or shoulder replacement surgery, the APS injection would have much faster and easier after effects, and it also conserves your original knee. As compared to replacement surgery, receiving an artificial knee very often does not allow for the same functionality as a healthy, natural knee.

  1. In addition, the earlier you seek treatment for your pain, the more treatment options are available to you. While your condition is in the early stage, there will be a wide range of treatment options for you. For example, if you have been diagnosed with early knee osteoarthritis, you may not immediately require knee replacement surgery, and your condition may improve with just a simple APS injection. However, if you choose to continue your daily activities without seeking treatment for your knee, it might reach the stage where the only treatment option for you would be knee replacement surgery. Hence, it is very important to seek treatment early.

  1. As you wait, your quality of life is heavily impacted. This is because when you are experiencing pain, you tend to refrain from activities that require you to utilise that part of your body. For example, if you are experiencing back pain, it makes it difficult for you to stand for long hours. As such, this hinders you from your daily activities, and you may find yourself leaving events early, or being unable to participate in activities. In addition, when you compensate for the pain area by using an alternative muscle or body part, you are also running the risk of having strains or overuse injuries.

  1. Your ability to heal decreases with age. The older you are when you seek treatment, the greater the difficulty for you to recover. As one age, their body changes. Bones get more fragile, muscles are weakened, and cells that are in charge of repairing structures in the body gradually slow down. As such, it is always better to seek treatment while you are young and still have the energy and ability to recover. Seeking treatment at a later age for the same problem can result in you not being able to achieve the same level of recovery as compared to if you have sought treatment at an earlier age.

Do seek a medical professional immediately if you have been experiencing pain that will not go away or pain that is unusual to you, as this could be a sign of an underlying health issue. You can visit one of our pain management doctors at The Orthopaedic and Pain Practice Singapore.

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