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Knee Cap Replacement – Understanding the Basics of this Orthopaedic Surgery

Knee cap replacement, also known as patellofemoral replacement, is a specialized orthopaedic surgery aimed at relieving knee pain and restoring function. This comprehensive guide will delve into the intricate details of knee cap replacement orthapedic surgery, from its purpose and candidacy to the procedure itself and knee cap replacement recovery. Understanding the basics of this

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It occurs when the cartilage – which cushions the moving parts of the knee and prevents them from being damaged by friction – under the kneecap (patella) softens and wears away, causing the knee to lose this protective cushion. Chondromalacia may lead to dull pain when the knee is bent, or when the knee straightens

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How can a Knee Pain Treatment Specialist help me?

If you are currently experiencing knee pain Singapore, the best course of action would be to see a specialist. As stated here, there are several causes and types of knee pain which are difficult to determine on our own – and if we choose to leave knee pain untreated, it can get progressively worse very

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Here’s Why you Shouldn’t Wait to see a Doctor for your Pain

Are you experiencing any pain or any other related symptoms? In this article, here’s why you should not wait to seek treatment for your pain, and head down to a pain management doctor in Singapore, Dr. Yong Ren, to get your pain treated! Very often, when you are in pain, do you ever tell yourself,

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